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  • Product Brief Introduction
  • Products Name:7PZS 490 battery submarine battery
  • Battery Size:137MM*198MM*405MM*430MM
  • 5-hour Discharge Rate:490AH
  • Liquid Weight:32.5K
Product details:

Normally, the ordinary starter battery is used for submarine battery if it is fuel-driven, just like the car battery, but it requires the identification of the CCS certification of China Classification Society。 Because some of them are throw-type submarines which are thrown up, the battery cover needs to be made of explosion-proof material。 At the same time the internal electrolyte is no free, and the unique colloidal formula is used。 Computer-designed low-calcium lead grid minimizes gas production and can be easily recycled。 It has following advantages: the groove formation technology, the best balance of single cell voltage , superior security, special low impedance, easy recharging, and the maximum usage of energy can effectively improve the reliability of engine starting under harsh conditions in particular when the outside temperature is too low or high。


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