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  • Product Brief Introduction
  • Products Name:Golf Cart Battery 4-D-145
  • Battery Size:Length 260MM*Width 180MM*Shell Height245MM*Total Height288MM
  • 5-hour Discharge Rate:180AH
  • Liquid Weight:30KG
Product details:

It is rather effective to charge golf car。 It fully utilize the space of the shell and rationally improve the internal structure of the battery。 Nanoadditives are used in the active materials, and its specific energy is 38-40 Wh/Kg; it does not contain cadmium which is extremely harmful to human。 Adopting the latest six-element alloy to improve the performance of the battery。 With the application of high-performance formulations and advanced technology of grid-alloy materials, it has the characteristic of long life, which can be up to more than 600 times under normal circumstances at 25℃。

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